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How to control the mesh fence surface roughness.

How to control the mesh fence surface roughness.


how to control the surface roughness of the mesh fence.

A. the opening of the mesh fence,before open,first of all should be clean out the

dust and sundries,to avoid to mix in the paint bucket.meanwhile  check the

name,type and coating color,whether conform with the design or selection of

requirements,check the manufacturing date,if exceed the storage date,that is

not confirm with the rule should further study to deal with.After open the

bucket,if find crusting,all the surface paint should be removed,and should not

mash into the paint,to avoid affect the quality.

B. Mixing:because of the different proportion of each component in the

paint,sometimes precipitation phenomenon occur.So before use,must mix the

paint with the precipitate fully.

C. Matching rate:Two-component coating,must be strictly in accordance with the

proportion stipulated in the specification to mix up.Once a two-component

coating mixing basic on certain proportion,must use up in a certain

period,therefore must control the dosage when construction to prevent waste.

D.Cure:Two-component coating has its curing time,After two components mixture

stirring evenly and certain maturation time to use it.Should pay attention to

this to ensure the construction performance and the performance of the paint


E. dilution:generally after the mesh fence paint leave the factory,Have adjusted

viscosity is suitable for the viscosity range of construction

requirements,after open and mix can use,but due to the influence of storage

conditions, construction methods, working environment, high and low

temperature, etc. When use, sometimes need diluent to adjust the viscosity.

 F. Filtering: coating generally need to filter before use,filter out the solid

particles, paint or other sundries.In order to avoid the debris blocking the

nozzle, and affects the construction progress and the properties and the

appearance of the paint film.In general, we can use 80 ~ 120 mesh metal net or

nylon sieve filter to ensure the quality.

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